'Siamazing' Siamese Cat Breeders are based on the Fylde Coast in Lancashire

Hello and welcome to our Siamazing website.

My name is Sheila Calloway and I am a qualified veterinary nurse with over 30 years experience working with and keeping pets.

Throughout this time, love, care and professionalism have always been of paramount importance - not just when I nursed sick animals, but also throughout the wonderful years I have had the privilege to own, show and breed from our family pets.

Siamese cats are my favorite - they are unique, loyal, and mystical - they simply never fail to amaze.  

We thoroughly enjoy showing our wonderful Siamese at GCCF shows and my aim is to breed pure, healthy, confident loving kittens of excellent type and temperament.

Elegant, playful, intelligent but above all, Siamese are loving and affectionate with plenty to say for themselves!


chocolate point siamese cat

Siamazing love!

seal tabby point siamese cat

Siamese Kittens

Siamese love to be with you, sharing in everything you do, so please think carefully about inviting a Siamese into your life because a single Siamese can be lonely, especially if owners are out during the day at work. Besides two is twice as much fun!

Together they provides hours of entertainment and pleasure, whether they are playing hide & seek or daring each other into mischief, grooming each other or simply snuggled up close and warm to snooze.

Happy to remain indoors or take a leisurely walk on a lead, Siamese cats are guaranteed to invite the interest and amazement of visitors and neighbours alike and they love it!

Occasionally we will have Siamese kittens available for sale to carefully selected genuine & loving pet or show homes on the non-active register only. Thank you.

siamese kittens

Siamese Kittens - 14 weeks old

Poppy with her litter of Siamese Kittens

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Email: sheila@siamazing-siamese.co.uk

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