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We love taking photos of our Cats and Kittens at Siamazing, we also love it when people who have had Kittens from us keep in touch. So we have decided to keep a Gallery Page on the website to show some of our fantastic Siamese Cat and Kitten Photos.

To enjoy the photo gallery with full size photos please just click on any of the images below.

Grand Champion Advocat V Eisenstein (IMP)

Grand Champion Advocat V Eisenstein (IMP)

Champion Albany V Esisenstein (IMP)

Champion Albany V Esisenstein (IMP) 7 months (Photo courtesy of Siamese Cat Breeder)

Champion Albany V Esisenstein (IMP) 7 months (Photo courtesy of Siamese Cat Breeder)

Champion Albany V Esisenstein (IMP) (Photo courtesy of Siamese Cat Breeder)



Winnothdale at Siamazing 

Chocolate Point 24b
(CH Richdale Sha Tin 32.1 x CH Sensay Sobriety 24n)

Now living happily with Maureen in South Shore, Blackpool



4 months old

4 months old



Siamazing Steadfast

Seal Point 24

(IMP GR CH Richdale Lone Ranger 24 x Ch Drestothril Siamazing 24)


Simon (Siamazing Mariol's Simon)

Happy, settled and enjoying life with Corinna and all the beautiful Mariols Felines in Beinheim, France


Whinnie (Rolsen Siamazing Chicoca)

As amazing as ever, happy and content with Bob & Jackie in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire


Soloman (Siamazing Superstar)

Living in perfect contentment & warmth with Cheryl & Pete in Stalybridge Nr Manchester


Sassy (Siamazing Sunshine-Sassy) content with her grandmother Poppy (Sangchan Viva La Diva)

Living with Christine & John Chipping Nr Preston, Lancashire


Lulu (Siamazing Drestothril-Lulu) & Max (Siamazing Stardom)

Cozy and happy together with Allison in Carlisle, Cumbria


Douggie (Siamazing Skuldugery) & Ninja (Siamazing Samurai)

Best of friends with Emma & Kenny in Cleveleys. Lancashire


Lexus (Siamazing Shermese J'Adore)

Happy and settled with Eddie & Florence in Newthorpe, Nottingham


That's it - just sign on the dotted line and I'm all yours!
Allison from Carlise with Max (Siamazing Stardom)


Relaxed at home
Lulu - Siamazing Drestothril-Lulu
Thanks Allison for the pictures, she is such a lovely girl


Chan - Siamazing Sure-N-Steady
Settling in wonderfully with Francis in Wakefield


Claude - Siamazing Steady Eddy
Soon settled & best friends with Frank in Preston
Thank you Donna - both boys are sooo hansom!


Poppy now reunited with her daughter Solo - Siamazing Serenity
Relaxed & soaking up the sunshine together - what bliss!
Thank you to Christine in Chipping

Celia with Bella's mum GR CH Profiles Tia Maria
Another Grand Champion Certificate & Best Opposite Sex at the Red & Tortie Point Siamese Show
Well done & much deserved to you both!

Mario - GR CH Drestothril Johpas
(IMP GR CH Drestothril Django x Drestothril Desirability)
On Exhibition at the RP&TP Show March 2014
Such a hansom boy and a credit to Jackie Reed


Siamazing love - inseparable!
Dusty & my grandson Lewis
(Siamazing Sparkle Dust aged 4 months and Lewis Laurie aged 2.5 years)
Dusty is now happily settled in her home with my daughter Michelle & grandson Lewis in Thornton-Cleveleys



Beau and Ria
(Drestothril Siamazing-Beau and Drestothril Siamazing)

No - get off its mine!

Dusty & Dora
(Siamazing Sparkle Dust and Siamazing Sambucca Sandora)

Hey now I've got the hang of it - I'm winning at last!
(Siamazing Drestothril-Lulu')
Settled & happy will Allison and her grandson in Carlisle!



Whinnie helping with the Xmas decorations!
Thank you to Bob & Jackie in Lytham St Annes for the picture!



Ch Sangchan Viva La Diva

'I'd give up if I were you - I'm here and I want some fuss!'





Siamazing Drestothril-Lulu 32.1

Happy, settled and snug in her new home in Carlisle.

Thank you to Allison & Harry, for the lovely pictures, Lulu is certainly very close to all your hearts and best of friends with Felicity....!

Dipsy & Mazie

I hope you don't expect us to move!


Siamazing Serendipity 32.1

I'm watching you!


Siamazing Serendipity 32.1

No - I shan't pose for pictures!


Tilly's Siamese Kittens just 5 weeks old

Siamazing Drestothril x Drestothril Dodinsky

Thank you to Christina Knowlson of Drestothril Siamese

'Solo'  July 2013
Siamazing Serentity 32.1
What a beautiful young lady she has become!
Thank you to John & Christine in Chipping for these recent pictures!

Coco & Mazie June 2013

What on earth is Ria trying to do._._!

Yuk - tastes awful!

Wow - this is spiff!!!

I'm bagging every bit of sunshine I can - right down to my toes!

Siamazing Serenity
Thank you to Christine and John for the updated pictures, she is so lovely


Thank you to Bob & Jackie, she is as mischievous as ever!

I going to pounce on something soon!

I might only be 14weeks and been here a week, but I know my place!

Will someone please tell Mag's to make room!

'Do I care whether its freezing outside....?'

Thanks to Bob & Jackie for this lovely warm picture of Whinnie in her new home in Lytham.

Oops it wasn't me

'Hey hey for the monkeys....!

'I'm close to my daddies heart!'

Siamazing Serenity 'Solo'

Siamazing Serenity 'Solo'

Settled with her new owners Christine & John in Chipping Lancashire.

Thank you for the pictures she is a credit to you!


No room for telling tails

Well getting up was easy. . .

Poppys Kittens 3 Days Old

Relaxing at Home.

Party Time!

Show Time!

Is it time to go home yet?

So sleepy...

'Quick - any naughty bits!'





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