Siamazing Siamese Kittens

Siamazing Siamese is proud to be a member of the GCCF Breeder Scheme

We only breed pure Siamese kittens!

All our kittens are reared with the very best loving care and affection in our home as part of the family with access to our safely contained garden to play – well, on fine days!

Our babies will not be ready for their new homes until they are 13 weeks old.

Lucky new owners will receive a full copy of the Pedigree – documenting 5 generations of pure bred Siamese.

We are FIV/FeLV negative breeders and your new kitten will come fully inoculated, wormed and litter trained.

Each kitten will have at least 4 weeks free Pet Insurance and a kitten starter pack.

We can also include micro-chipping and registration of your kitten with the national Pet Log Database.

Due to the high demand for pure bred show/pet standard Siamese Cats, we will be contacting proud new owners on a first come basis as soon as our kittens arrive, so please register your interest with us early to avoid disappointment.

Kittens will be only be released to carefully selected, genuine & loving show or pet homes on the non-active GCCF register. Sorry, we rarely sell kittens for breeding purposes.

Please note that we carefully chose the new owners and homes for our kittens to ensure they continue to live happy, content lives, with the very best of love and care.

Imp Gr Ch Drestothril Django x Ch Jhopas Siamazing Smudges

All babies have now left for their new homes except Speckles who is staying here!


To be added to our kittens enquiry list please contact us -

by email -

or just give Sheila a call

Telephone: 01253 - 700293

Mobile: 07738 512849

Ch Siamazing Summer Magic 32.1 at 6 weeks

'Magic' 'Mags' for short

Poppy's 6 Week Old Kittens

All together 6 weeks

Siamazing Drestothril

Little Chocolate Tabby Point Girl Reserved for Christina Knowlson and her lovely home and wonderful family of Drestothril Siamese

Kittens are now 2 weeks old.

Siamazing Serenity 'Solo'

Little Seal Tabby Point Girl Reserved for her adoring new home with Christine & John in Chipping

5 week old Siamese Kittens

Sisters at 5 weeks


Seal Point and Seal Tabby Point boys - Reserved for Vicky and Paul in Inverness

Siamazing Le-Soir and Siamazing Le-Soave

Seal Point and Seal Tabby Point boys - Available and ready soon!

(Mariol's Feerruccio x Siamazing Drestothril)

Soave & Soir are inseparable litter buddies that have bonded & must go together to a loving & caring home

(Will not separate, so please do not ask)



The Weatherby's!

Shelley & her mum Dipsy (Siamazing Serendipity 32.1)

Shelley 10 weeks

Siamese Seal Point Female - in option for Tanya in Edinburgh

(IGC Richdale Lone Ranger x Siamazing Serendipity)


Coca & Cola 7 weeks

(Ch Drestothril Siamazing-Beau x Winnothdale at Siamazing)


Siamazing Sensation

Coca 7 weeks

Siamese Chocolate Point Male

(Ch Drestothrill Siamazing Beau x Winnothdale At Siamazing)


Siamazing Seduction

Cola 7 weeks

Siamese Chocolate Point Female

(Ch Drestothrill Siamazing Beau x Winnothdale At Siamazing)

Cola will be staying with our family of Siamese felines!


Tilly's Kittens are now 3 weeks old
1  x seal boys (Storm) 1 x tabby boy (Stratos) & 1 x tabby girl (Sunshine)
(Drestothril Siamazing-Beau x Siamazing Drestothril)

Seal Tabby Point Boy  SIA n 21 (32.1)
In Option

Seal Point Siamese boy SIA n (24)

Seal Tabby Point Girl  SIA n 21 (32.1)
In Option


The Limo's 10 Weeks

Duggi (Jag)
Siamazing Sculdugery
Seal Point Tabby Boy 32.1


Siamazing Scaliwag
Seal Tabby Point Boy 32.1

J'Adore (Lexus)
Siamazing Shermese J'adore
Seal Tabby Point Girl 32.1
Reserved for Celia


Max (Rolls)
Siamazing Stardom
Seal Point Boy 24

Reserved for Allison & Harry in Carlise

as a companion for Lulu (Siamazing Drestothril-Lulu)


Siamazing Superstar
Seal Point Boy 24




The Limo's!

2 x seal boys (Bentley & Rolls) 2 x tabby boys (Merc & Jag) & 1 x tabby girl (Lexus)

Tilly's Kittens are now 3 weeks old

(Drestothril Dior By Design x Siamazing Drestothril)

This is Drestothril Dior's last litter before retiring to a life of luxury as a neuter - thank you to Christina Knowlson for all your friendship and support.

Jag - 3 weeks old

Merc - 3 weeks old


Rolls - 3 weeks old

Lexus - 3 weeks old

Bentley - 3 weeks old


The Crimbo's - 11 weeks

Siamazing Steadfast - staying with us!

Siamazing Steady Edddy - reserved for Donna in Preston

Siamazing Sure-N-Steady - reserved for Florence in Wakefield


Siamazing Steadfast - 9 weeks
Seal Point Siamese 24

(Imp Gr Ch Richdale Lone Ranger x Drestothril Siamazing)


Tinsel - 9 weeks old
Seal Point 24


Bauble - 9 weeks old
Seal Point 24


Telephone: 01253 - 700293 Mobile: 07738 512849


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